The casino industry has always been at the forefront of the economy, but as the years go by, the influence of technology has played a role in gambling, developing online casino platforms where players have remote access to their games from the comfort of home. The rise of technology and its influence in casinos has modified many aspects of the games and their environment, however, as the years go by there are new techniques that can change the way we know such games today, but for now, a list of the technological trends available in the industry:


These state-of-the-art technologies require an intelligent electronic device. Cell phones have become an indispensable tool in people’s daily lives, GPS helps with signals and location, with this tool, users can easily have the advantage to get a casino restaurant with only connection to WIFI and RFID You can know about the global positioning of a café using a technology. The use of technology in these cases makes it much easier to locate and request a service.

When there is a high roller, this technology helps in the same way by helping him enter the door. The casino managers are ahead of this function and we think they have a sixth sense, however, when we see that a high roll is moved by the door, it is not always the collaboration of the personnel in charge, but rather of the location technology whose tools make this function possible

Facial recognition technology

Because it is a game that involves many financial interests, frauds are very common in these games. Often, the use of glasses and hats was the resource used by cheaters to infiltrate the casinos and go unnoticed. This problem has been mitigated with the help of facial recognition technology, regardless of the clothing that players wear to the casino, since the cameras with the eye tool in the sky, have the ability to recognize the face of anyone from a long distance. Its effectiveness is precise and allows scammers infiltrated in casinos, cannot camouflage or hide from this powerful technology.

This represents greater confidence in the casinos and allows fans to play their favorite games calmly and feel safe in the environment. The scammers in the live casinos represented many monetary losses, both the business and the players, however, the implementation of this technology has allowed facial recognition, and it is easy to detect the scammers and seeks a quick apprehension of them. Of course, these facilities cause a greater expense, but avoiding the entry of cheats in casinos can generate more profits.

Entry options without vouchers or tickets

Previously to enter a casino, it was necessary to use traditional payment methods, where fans got one ticket vouchers, it is very common to see this process in most casinos, but with the rise of technology, and new tools have emerged to replace these payment methods with a highly effective and acceptable process in the industry. The new modality is based on the fact that fans should not carry too much money in their pockets to avoid being the target of thieves or that it is not very annoying to do without purses and wallets to carry the money.

It is a trend with a philosophy that suggests casinos without money, for this a system has been implemented where all the profits are distributed in a coupon, and players can charge it before withdrawing if they want. The utilities of this coupon also serve to cover expenses in casino restaurants, in nearby stores and can be used to play more games. It is a visionary system where casinos do not have the need to use physical money.

Online casino platforms

The internet has significantly influenced the perception of casinos, with this new modality that offers a person to enjoy gambling from the comfort of their home, it has increased in the last decade, with new users joining every day. Due to the advantages, it is possible to live the experience of a casino night through a screen, with the same benefits, the same winning opportunities, bonuses and prizes as a live casino. The difference is that you can access the platform remotely and at the time the user has.

One of the great advantages of the casino platforms is that there is variety in the games and variations in each one, in this way, the fans never get bored with the innovations of the online casinos. As an incentive, many platforms offer welcome bonuses and ensure great prizes in the users’ gaming sessions, in addition, there are options where long-term points are accumulated, which can result in free spins of slots or other benefits depending on the game. The best is that it can be accessed from any electronic device, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone and does not change the mode of the games at all.

However, the incentives and prizes offered by the casino platforms are not the only resources to attract more players, the welcome deposits help the newly registered on the website to invest in games and multiply that money. The more bets a user makes, the more likely he or she is to win and consequently, get great rewards. No matter which game a user chooses, if they are slot machines, you will not need special skills to win, but the free spins are an opportunity to acquire prizes and bonuses by accumulating points in each turn or hand, which over time and the consistency of the user are increasing.

Confidentiality in technological compliance

Technology has allowed us to supplant some functions and tasks that were previously performed by the hand of a man. Since they are processes that follow a sequential order of a logical algorithm, the margin of error is almost zero, which represents for the fans of the casinos, a fairly reliable resource in terms of the processes of play, deposit, and payment. The purpose of technological innovations in online casinos is to combat money laundering in part.

Companies like JCM have provided certain solutions that are advantages that favor connectivity with customers and in this way provide them with greater security in the processes that require bets and games sessions. Technological tools have brought great benefits to the industry and as a result, many fans prefer to lean towards casino platforms since the responsibility with which they carry each of the processes represents an advantage over live casinos, although the latter also has had the interference of technology in the methods of payment and security in the environment.

MPL5 a security layer

The amount of participation of casino enthusiasts in the industry represents large information data. The MPL5 is also known as multi-chain switching and is a very useful tool in companies that need the data they handle to be sent over long distances at high speeds but are interfered with by the networks. All the sending of information in the digital media is done through bits between the routers, but it is necessary to have the fastest and shortest possible method of sending information.

The MPL5 in the perfect alternative for casinos that handle exuberant amounts of money, a clear example of this are the casinos of Las Vegas, there are two systems of high-speed networks that are the most advanced in terms of technology across the continent.

Encryption technology

Regardless of which casino platform is preferred by the public, part of its quality is due to the reliability of the site, and for that, the best casinos in the world use encryption technology to protect the personal and financial information of users. The transport of the information lends itself so that the malicious agents steal the data of the users, in view of these risks, an encryption technology with a password of 128 bit in length has been developed, really strong and safe so that the hackers or Malware do not steal the information or at least it takes them too long to decipher it.

But to provide greater security, the requirement of the bits is always increasing, because the cracker implement new techniques and that is why the bit encryption must be constantly increasing its length.