Have you read the story of Aladdin? I know not only you read that story in your course books, but there are many serials are produced on the story of Aladdin and the magical lamp. In that story a young and poor boy accidently went into the mysterious cave and without any intention he awakes a Genie trapped from a long time. That genie was trapped under a magical lamp. After Aladdin frees them, he became a friend of her and he helped them in getting rich and he blessed him with lots of wealth. After that, an evil magician hears the news about the lamp and then a fight between the magician and Aladdin started in which Aladdin wins with the help of flying carpet. It was very joy to read that story and I never missed any episode of it when it was aired on the television. As a child, like other children’s I also think that one day I will also get that Genie and became rich. But those are only childish imaginations and after growing up we come to know that these are just mythological stories written just for the fun of children’s.

But, one day that world genie again came in front of me and my all childhood memories and stories are started revolving around my eyes. I was playing casino from the very long time, but usually I struck on 1 or 2 games. I never tried a new one because I always enjoy those. But after some time I started feeling bored from it so I decided to have a change in it. And I decided to search for the new one. While going through the long list my eyes stopped at a name which made my childhood imagination in front of me. That name was Genie’s Gems. When I read this word the story of Aladdin and his magical lamp started reconciling in my mind. And automatically I clicked on it. When I reached that respective page I was able to know that the theme of the game was based on the same Genie, magic carpet, sword etc. Those are shown in the form of wild symbols. It was a Microgaming slot and I was very much familiar with this word. The maker of that slot was such a genius. Their creations are more than awesome. I read and found that how to win in it. When I played that it was not less than that magical lamp. It provides you all things which you desire but in the form of slots. I enjoyed very much with it and relived my childhood stories and imaginations.